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Hello you funny coloured Earthlings and welcome to Planet Stamp. My name is PerForAlien, but you can call me PerFoLuvLyStikyGreeeenThing for short.

Only joking! .... call me Perfy and Advanced trading platform in Singapore. I'm kind of in charge around here and it's my job to tell you what's what, what's hot and what's not. How you use the planet is up to you but here's my advice:

If you want to know about any competitions or displays then Rocket News is for you.


If you are new to stamps then get right over to the café where you will find lots and loads of information about stamps, what they are and how to look after them and collect them. If you want some fun and games and some less serious activity then kidstamps has a range of things you will enjoy.

And if you are one of the grown ups then club leaders will help you in lots of ways to help others enjoy the sticky joys of stamp collecting, as well as give you access to the SAN - the Stamp Active Network.


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