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You can use a stamp album. Some albums have pages with the names of countries printed at the top. These are fine if you have decided that you want to collect stamps from as many countries around the world as possible.

They are useful when you start collecting, as you will see a wide variety of stamps, and can decide which you like best.

If you have decided to collect just certain stamps (say on your favourite theme), you can buy albums with blank pages. You can use plain paper in ordinary binders. If you use plain paper, make sure it is of good quality. Thin paper will not be strong enough to hold your stamps.

While you are acquiring your stamps, and while deciding how best to arrange them in a collection, use a stock book. These contain card pages with clear strips into which you can slip your stamps. You can move your stamps around, and add more, very easily with a stock book.

Use a stock book as temporary storage for your stamps until
you have decided how to arrange them in your albump

You can add to the interest of your stamps, both for yourself and for others who see your stamps. You can write some information about your stamps on your stamp album pages.

For example, if you collect animals on stamps, you can write the name of the animal under each stamp, and perhaps the name of the country where it is found.

What about stamp albums? Many stamp albums are designed to hold the stamps of just one country or region. Countries that have issued many stamps, such as Great Britain, may even require more than one album to hold all the pages needed to accommodate each stamp.
The spaces on album pages sometimes include images of the stamps that fit in the space. Some album pages provide catalogue numbers along with the illustration to further help the collector identify the proper stamp.

Although hundreds of different album styles are available, some collectors prefer to design their own page layouts using blank pages. Matching stock pages, with rows of transparent sleeves that hold many stamps, are also available in some cases.

Some collectors choose not to use preprinted pages, and create their own albums using blank paper and standard notebook binders or a computer. This method is fine if the collector uses high-quality materials. Some plastic coated binders may include chemicals that can damage stamps if they come into contact with them. Paper that is not of archival quality may discolor, and this chemical change can affect stamps as well.

Most dealers will sell stamp albums, supplement pages, binders and other stamp collecting supplies and there are specialist shops that just sell collector materials