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We have already briefly mentioned on other pages where you can enter a competition, and touched on some aspects of how to handle your stamps.

In this section we will go into some more detail about the things that will help you enter a competition. But even if you do not go that far these tips will help you improve the look of your collection

If you want to look ahead and plan for a competition or a stamp show you will find details of anything happening in the Rocket News section of this site.

How do you handle stamps?

Your hands are never completely clean, but there is no need to wear gloves. But it is a good idea to wash your hands first

A pair of stamp tweezers is essential. They will mean you do not leave fingerprints on your stamps, or peanut butter and jam (actually my favourite thing on bread - yuk I hear you say!).

Do you want to examine your stamps more closely?

A good magnifying glass is all you need – it will prevent you straining your eyes.

How do you remove the stamps?

Many of your stamps will arrive on pieces of envelope. Place them face up to float on a bowl of water. Do not immerse your stamps in the water.

doh! - NOT the cat's bowl

Do not force the stamps off the paper –when ready they will float off easily.

Dry the stamps between sheets of blotting paper or kitchen paper, under a book to keep the stamps flat.

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