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'Planetstamp' was conceived as a website FOR YOUNG COLLECTORS as an informative and fun means of sharing the hobby. It has grown over the last 5 years to include tips on how and what to collect, how to write up pages, news about stamp issues, competitions and fairs and lots more.

There are now 3 basic sections of the site FOR JUNIORS (click on these below to take a peak, but don't stay long - it's strictly 'kids only'!!) plus this new 'CLUB LEADERS' section designed for teachers and organisers.

CAFE - information on how to collect and what to collect, how to show stamp collections, writing-up and tips for beginners. Browse the menu and pick what takes your fancy!

ROCKET - the news section. All the latest plus archived news on stamp issues, fairs and competitions etc.

KIDSTAMPS - the club for young collectors, articles and activities (including occasional competitions). It's free and membership applications can be downloaded. (No database of members is accessible via this site).