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      -  what is stamp collecting

      -  how do I start

  Main courses

      - how do I keep my stamps

      - how do I put them in an album


      - what is a catalogue

      - how can I meet other collectors

       - how can I show my stamps to others


       - how do I enter a competition

       - handling stamps

       - mounting / arranging

       - writing up

       - what else to look for

       - examples - collections, ideas


       - welcome - what is Kidstamps.

       - games page

       - do you know - what is thematic collecting

                               -  what was the world's first stamp

       - weird but true

Club leaders   - this is for the grownups.

     - what is Planetstamp

     - tips for running a youth stamp fair / activities day

     - letterbox

     - what resources are available to club leaders

     - register your club with Stamp Active Network

     - about us - who is involved in the organisation of Stamp Active Network

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