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Here are some games, jigsaws and quizzes to amuse, entertain and perhaps even teach you a thing or two. Some of them have a stamp theme and some don't, either way have fun!

Next these two stamps lead to two fiendishly clever jigsaws - I regret they won't work on an AppleMac, annoying I know as I use one!! (All the other games will work on a Mac). First read the instructions below and then click on either one of the stamps below and then when you are asked:

Q. What would you like to do with this file?
A. Run this file from its current location.
It's going to ask another question....
Q. Do you want to run 'blah blah blah.exe' from"
A. Yes please!!

Here is your own arcade - lots of games accessible from one console - not much else to tell you other than click the picture below to start playing....

How much do you know about stamps? This quiz is fairly hard or fairly easy - it all depends, of course, on whether you know the answers. (duh!) Click the image to begin.

Here is a word scramble game find tgings to do with stamp collecting - surprisingly difficult when it looks so easy!